Module 1 - Ground Into Your Healing 

Module 2 - Eliminate Pro-Inflammatory Foods 

Module 3 - Nutrient Support

Module 4 - Toxins & How to Avoid Them

Module 5 - Lifestyle for Health

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Functional doctors can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The Functional Lab Range report allows you to compare the labs you get through your insurance to see how they measure up to functional medicine's standards.​

  • Making big changes can be really hard, and it's easy to fall into a cycle of guilt and shame if you struggle to stick to something. This course helps you navigate hurdles from family to feeling frazzled, so you can finally achieve the healing you need and deserve. 

  • You want to get better, but since you are really busy, you feel like you can't make time for big changes.

    There is never an ideal time to start healing. There just isn't. My course has all the resources you need to do this whether you're constantly on the go (guide to eating out) or trying to juggle a million things (meal plans & grocery lists to simplify the protocol), so you don't have to wait another day to start feeling better. 

      • You've been trying to eat better, but you just don't know how many changes are necessary to get better.

      You have two choices...

      You can continue:

      • Dealing with chronic symptoms like bloating, fatigue, chronic pain, hair loss, headaches, depression, anxiety and more.....

      • Cycling through trying to eat better, then getting stressed out and overwhelmed and eating like sh*t, then spending time trying to feel better, and falling off again....

      • Using your limited time and energy going to doctors who don't understand your experience or know how to help you feel better without band-aid approaches.

      • Follow a proven and truly fool-proof process to improve your health and symptoms.

      • Get support from a certified holistic nutritionist who knows exactly what you're going through and can answer your questions as they come up throughout the process.


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      You can do this even if you're busy...

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